hey you know all those tragic one-sibling-a-cop-the-others-a-criminal trope? (of course you do) well now imagine that, but now with hijabi sisters

Marnia(sister on the left) is the iron fisted queen of the underground crime scene and builds her thrones on the backs of disrespectful men who underestimate her ruthlessness.(ngl if you’ve heard of tumblr user fullten, thats pretty much where i draw major inspiration for personality and style and if you haven’t im sorry but your life must be very boring and less pretty without her on your dash)

Afya(sister on the right) is a police chief for the city where her sisters main crime base lies, she’s fully aware of what her sister does and even where her base is(most of the time), she works with her sister to bust human trafficking rings and to bring justice to high risk criminals(mass murderers and the such)but don’t be fooled she isn’t one to be bought out she simply has resources and uses them to the fullest.

She also takes no shit from those who try to undermine her authority and knows several dozen ways to leave you a sobbing mess on the floor using only a spoon.